Today I am pleased.

After my post yesterday I headed out to the gym. I was determined to run there and when it started raining I decided to just wait it out. Once it slowed down a bit I headed out and ran to the gym. I wanted to do the strength class, and I did. I also pushed myself and I like that. After that class they were offering Combat - a cardio kickboxing type class. The instructors were saying how good it was and I should stay for a little bit of it just to check it out. I ended up staying the entire class. Then I had to walk home. So I left my house at 8 am and did not get back until 11 am. 3 hours of activity. I was tired but I sure felt good. I worked on keeping my eating in check though I was starving all day. I steered clear of the junk mostly. I can feel a lot of my muscles today and am getting ready to head out on a run. My normal runs are only 30 minutes but I'm thinking of doubling that today. Get in all the work I can on the weekends. Right. Then I have to look at Lola's belly. She has these little red bumps all over and I can't figure out why. Maybe she would benefit from some natural acne treatment. Hey, it's possible something in the grass or the carpet is irritating her and it might help. Who knows.....


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