11 November 2010

The first step is the hardest

So after some blogging earlier and not feeling like working out at all, I dragged my sorry ass out the door. I convinced myself to go for a walk instead of a run and I started out like I was walking through a park - slow and casual. As I traveled on I was thinking about all kinds of things but mainly the way I feel and am not happy about it. I had decided to walk a long way, a long, long way...but as I was walking I was trying to convince myself to cut it short. I was whining (in my head) about the pain in my left heel, the pain in my back, my creaky knees....whatever.....But I kept going and as I kept moving something started to happen. I started to walk a little faster. Stand up a little taller. Suck my stomach in a little bit more. I started to feel good. When I got home I was starving and sat and read a running magazine as I ate. As I thought about it I realized that I need to focus on a goal. In a very schizo kind of way, I need to have a big goal to work towards while at the same time focusing on the day and not the big picture.

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