13 November 2010

What I should be doing right now

is heading off to workout. But apparently I'm not. Okay, there's a legitimate story behind it though. At the beginning of fall break (around the end of September) I bought some new shoes. I found some Asics at Sears for a really good price and got them. They were not the Asics I usually use but mine run $100 and these were $35, I thought I could make them work. They were good for a while but eventually they started to bother my feet. They has no pronation type support so my left foot rolled inward too much. The side of my heel had been bothering me almost since I got the shoes but I thought it had to do with the amount of exercise I was doing and not the shoes. By last week my left heel was in agony. I would wake up with it hurting like hell and I was afraid I was getting plantar again. It took me about 3-4 days to realize that it might be the shoes, so I switched back to my old shoes. At first these did not seem to help at all, but after wearing them for a few days and all day yesterday I can definitely say things are on the mend. However, these shoes are old and worn out so being on my feet too long makes my feet really tired. So, my point? I need to get new shoes. In spite of the fact that I have $400 orthotics, I clearly still need to wear shoes that correct overpronation. I did workout on Thursday night and my heel only hurt a little bit but by the end of the workout the whole bottom of my feet were burning. It's like going barefoot for a long walk. So that's why I didn't workout this morning. Well, that and the fact that I felt like blogging. That is one of my goals today - get new shoes.

In other news, I start training for the May 1st marathon on Monday (another reason I need new shoes). I'm very excited about it. It's the first one and the first ones are always cool to be involved in. I have a training plan that will take me across the finish line. I probably won't break any records but it will get me there. One of my super secret dreams has always been to BQ. In my age bracket the Q time is 4:05. That means a pace of about 9:30. Definitely not doable this marathon but if I keep it up maybe...... Hey, everyone needs a dream right? Also, I want to do NY. It's in November but I really want to do it. Maybe in 2012. We shall see.

Meanwhile, Hubby has started smoking cigars. I'm not sure how I feel about it. He quit smoking cigarettes about 10 years ago, but this past 4 months he's started smoking cigars. I'm not sure exactly what he's smoking, sometimes it smells like peach cigars, other times it just smells regular. Who knows. Right now he smokes maybe one a day, in the evenings after dinner. I just hope it doesn't become more frequent because then I will have to say something.

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