27 December 2010

The first day

So I went ahead and bit the bullet this morning. I joined WW and got the monthly pass thingee they have. I get access to all the online tools plus can attend all the meetings I want in a month. I like that. But I went ahead and started the program today to see what it's like. In the old points program I was allowed 22 points per day and that was just not enough. I always went over or I ended up starving. It just did not work well for me. I think the main reason was that fruit counted as points. Veggies didn't but I like to eat a fruit with almost every meal and counting 2 points for an apple would just kill me. Anyway, under the new system fruit and veggies are zero points. I like that. And I'm allowed 29 points a day. Woo Hoo!!! Plus there are 49 extra points a week (7 a day) and you can still earn activity points. Awesome. Today I started with 29 points and I earned 6 activity points. I ate a total of 30 points, and that was only because I wanted a scoop of coleslaw with dinner. Oh, that was another thing that bugged me about the old points system. I can get a little crazy about food and points and calories and I think the old system fed my some foods are evil mindset. I would avoid things and play with the points so that I could eat the things I wanted to. That was just crazy talk. So the bottom line is I think I like the new points system and I'm going to stick to it for at least a month and see what happens. So I consider it a success so far.

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