Well that was worse than I thought it would be

I knew my scale was not right. I bought it not too long ago and it worked fine in the beginning. Then the weight started creeping down. At first I thought I might actually be losing some weight, but then it got out of hand. For instance, this morning it said I weighed 166.8 lbs. Ummm....no!! If I weighed 166 I would not be busting out of my stretch shorts... But I kind of like the number and really, what is a number. Does 166 have any more meaning than 180??? Only because we give it meaning (read power). So basically I was going with the number I was getting, knowing it was wrong, but also knowing that it held pretty steady so I was probably maintaining. But joining WW yesterday made me realize I needed to know the real number. So this morning I went to a meeting and got weighed. It was worse than I thought. Much worse. I am at 191.8. Yikes!!! But that's okay. I will succeed and the only way to measure success is by having a true number to work with. So it begins. Think positive.....


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