31 December 2010

Plans for 2011

So I spent the morning trying to write this post that didn't sound too over the top or too ambitious or too much like a pipe dream.  After struggling with it for 2 hours I realized I was trying to write a post in a different voice, not mine. So I walked away from the post, went to workout and decided - bullshit!!!  I'm going to write what I'm thinking and feeling and screw how it sounds. So here goes....

For the past couple of years I have let things slide - things being me.  I stopped racing and training. I stopped working out for long stretches of time.  I stopped caring for myself. Well, this year I want to change all that.  So here are my goals. 

The big ones:
  • Get serious about running again
  • Start racing/doing triathlons
  • Lose some of this f(*$&%(*(#)$  weight
I also want to change some things in other parts of my life.

They are:
  • Become more organized
  • Stay on top of my work for school
  • Keep on top of the bills and financial stuff
  • Finish my thesis and apply to the PhD program
Those are about it.  Not earth shattering but that's what I want to accomplish this year.  Towards that end I'm going to come up with monthly, maybe even weekly goals to achieve the above items.

For January the goals are:
  • Run 3 days a week for 1 hour
  • Strength train 3 days a week
  • At least 1 race 
  • Stick to WW and follow the plan for the whole month
  • Organize my desk
  • Develop a system to keep on top of everything and use it
That's it.  It's really not that much but it is a start.  I have been following WW this week and am already feeling really good, I like the new program. I also need to really focus on my running.  I tried that couch to 5k thing and it starts so incredibly slow, it really doesn't work well for me.  So I need to really work on my running.   I plan to do 2 triathlons - Tinman and Na Wahine - this year.  Those are the only ones I really want to do.  In 2012 I'll do some more but for now that's it. 

I guess that's it.  It all ends today and tomorrow is a clean slate.  I love it but I need to start focusing in smaller increments.  So happy new year and see you in 2011.

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