01 January 2011

2011 - Here it comes ready or not.....

Last night turned out to be pretty fun.  Some friends came over and we sat in the yard and watched the crazies all around us waste their money and pop fireworks.  There were lots and lots of illegal aerials and it was really cool to watch. I would love to know how much money when up in smoke last night.  Some of those illegals are really expensive.  Oh well, just glad it wasn't my money. The dogs were a little freaked out but they got through it okay. 

The last 3 days of eating have been a little crazy. Wednesday there was beer and sausage with Tanya and Jerin.  Thursday we went out to the Oceanarium restaurant.  They had a crab buffet and it was awesome :)  Then last night we had soup and pizza before our friends came over.  So I was really high on my points all 3 days.  I had used all my Weekly points up on Thursday, luckily I had some activity points stored.  But I figured today was going to be pretty tough points wise.  Well, WW online has apparently decided that my week starts on Saturday and reset all my points.  At first I was going to change it back and protest a little, but after further consideration, I'm going to let it stand.  It doesn't really matter when my week starts, it matters that I track what I eat.  Also, I may be going to the Saturday meetings, I'm not sure yet. Plus, I love the symmetry of starting a new year with a new week and a new points balance.  Somehow that just works for me. 

So, on a lesser amount of sleep I'm trying to decide exactly what to do today.  I did not do the 10k because I knew that I would be sloooooow.  I do want to do a 10k to start the year though, so I'm probably going to head out here soon.  I've got the Garmin plugged in so I'm sure it's charged up and ready to go.  I also have some errands to run.  I want to get a desk calendar so I can just look down and see what's going on now or in the future.  I want to look at some kind of organization system for mail, bills, paperwork, etc.  I need to be more organized - that is one of my resolutions. I also need to drag my bike out and make sure it's rideable tomorrow.  I'm going riding with some friends from the gym and I'm very much looking forward to it.  So there it is, a busy day but a fabulous way to start the new year. 

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