19 December 2010


was basically a success.. I walked over to strength class...did that, and I tried to keep it light since I knew I would be running after...talked to a lady about biking next weekend - sweet!!... began my run...now after doing a whole boatload of squats and lunges my legs were a little shaky, so initially running was not an option...no problem - I walked.... for the first 2 miles, I walked... fast.... that took me to the gates of the botanical garden...at that point I knew there was no way I was going to do the 5 miles in and out of the gardens..so I made a tactical decision and turned around at the gate...and went home.  I went a total of 4.5 miles....not the 8 I was planning on but I'm happy with it...today my legs are just the tiniest bit sore...I can feel the muscles in my quads and my calves and it feels good....clearly I did a lot of work yesterday.... Tomorrow is shaping up like this:

  • strength workout in the morning
  • circuit training at night
  • botanical garden run in between
  • get insurance for my car (don't ask I accidently got an rv insurance quote instead of a car quote) 
  • get a safety inspection on my car
  • register my car
as for today, doesn't look like much is going to happen. It's been raining here since 3 am and things are flooding slightly...not enough to worry about but enough to make it almost impossible to run...I already did some work on the spare room but so much of that crap is Hubby's it really takes him too....I'll probably sit and grade tests this afternoon...it would be awesome to get those done and out of the way....then I find something to do..lord knows there are tons of things I can do...

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