20 December 2010

Over the top - as usual....

As is typical, I went a little crazy in my workout planning.  I had these delusions of doing strength training then going for a run right after.  Huh...that didn't work out so well on Saturday maybe I should take it as a sign.  So I've revamped my ideas just a bit.  I walked over to the studio, did my strength training and walked home this morning.  This evening I'm doing the circuit training at the studio.  Tomorrow morning it's my 8 mile run. Tomorrow evening maybe nothing - I'll have to see.  I figure it's better to workout everyday rather than jamming it all in on one day and falling apart the next.  I do love the circuits though, so I'm doing those on Monday night and Friday morning. Running will be Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.  I'm going to do 8 miles each day so running 3 days a week should be more than enough.  Also, the 10k on New Years Day will be a piece of cake - I like that :)

I've decided I'm getting a Wii.  I have been watching the ads for the XBox 360 Kinect but those are almost $600.  Yikes... I've wanted a Wii for a really long time but I kept thinking that I needed to get the Wii Fitness thingee with it, which would make that around $300-$350 depending on the controllers, etc...  But I was just looking around and I have found some Wii bundles on sale for $179 and games on sale for $19... So I'm going to get a Wii... Of course, Hubby doesn't know this yet but I'm going to tell him we can buy a golf game and that should convince him.  Plus now he doesn't have to go shopping for jewelry like cubic zirconia rings. He will be very happy about that. He hates shopping, especially at Christmas time.

Right now I need to go eat some lunch.... Strength training makes me hungry.

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