07 January 2011

3 pounds

that's what I lost this week and I am happy about it.  I stuck to the program, which wasn't that hard really, and I tried to keep active and it paid off.  Some things I noticed this week.  I did not have dessert any day and I lived.  Amazing.  I ate smaller portions and I totally survived.  Awesome.  I stuck to healthy foods and felt full and satisfied.  Wow, who knew?  Seriously it was a great week and I plan to have another.  I plan on getting my 5 lb star next week.  I'm pleased with myself.  I did not run yesterday and that bothers me.  In fact, I didn't do much of anything yesterday.  I did spend some time online looking at wall sconces but that was about it. Looking at my calendar though, I've done some activity every single day this year so far. I like that. Even yesterday we walked the dogs - in fact, we walked them to the vets office. So that was longer than normal. So yeah, I'm happy. Going to do it again next week.

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