04 January 2011

I may be slow

but I AM MY OWN SUPERHERO.  I went for a run this morning.  Quite honestly the "running" I've been doing this break has been a lot more walking. And a lot of putting it off.  I was finally honest with myself and realized that if I want to "run" races I actually need to get out there and run.  So I began Hal Higdon's Half Marathon training program today.  On the schedule was a 3 mile run.  So I went out and ran.  It was hard and I am slow but I did it.  This Sunday is a 5k race that I would love to do only to break the ice so to speak.  I have not done a local race in years and the first one is going to be scary (yeah, I'm weird that way).  I did 3 miles today in 50 minutes, by Sunday I should be able to do it in 40-45.  That is at least reasonable.  I know there will be walkers slower than that - there always are.  So I may do it just to start the ball rolling again.  I may be slow but at least I'm out there doing it. 

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