30 January 2011

And done....

There is the evidence. The numbers are as follows:
  • Total miles:   5.04 miles
  • Total time:  1:21
  • Average pace: 16:15
  • Fastest Pace: 8:56
I did take some walk breaks which accounts for the average pace.  I also walked the last quarter mile because I was exhausted.

I started out slow, just shuffling along because I wanted to run all or most of it.  So I shuffled.  After about 15 minutes I found my pace.  That pace that is perfect.  The one you can run forever.  That held for awhile until I started hitting the hills.  Those were tough and I ended up walking quite a few.  But the important part is I covered 5 miles, I ran far more than I walked, and I feel pretty good.  Marathon training is off to a fabulous start.

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