The Great Vibram Five Fingers Experiment

heretofore known as GVFFE. I was reading a blog about a runner who ran a 1/2 marathon in them.  They spoke of the good things about them and "answered" some common questions about them and running.  It really sparked something in me.  I have a pair that I have never given the time to really break in. So tonight I came home and put mine on.  I wore them to walk the dogs and around the house for a couple of hours. My feet were tired.  They did not hurt but they are used differently and get really tired.  So the plan is to wear them to walk the dogs every night and for an hour or so around the house.  Eventually I want to start running in them but I'm going to take my time and not rush it. One thing is that I seem to be beset with injuries whenever I run any significant amount.  My knee, hip, heel, you name it - it hurts.  So hopefully this will get me walking more normally and reduce the pains. So it begins.....


Sabrina Bell said…
At first, I was cynical about these barefoot running shoes, not until I got my Vibram Five Fingers as a Christmas gift from my husband. Everything changed and it only took me 2 weeks to adapt with its style and feeling. In fact, there are so many health benefits that we can learn from it. Check out this site - The Wonders of Vibram Five Fingers

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