22 January 2011

Slowly returning to normal

After almost 2 weeks of not feeling good, I do believe I am on the mend. On Thursday, my 2nd day of missed work, I drew a mental line in the sand and said "no more!!!!" I was done being sick. I got some activity on Thursday, not much, and did start to feel better. I went to school on Friday and it was a looooooong day. But I made it through. Last night I was very, very tired so went to bed early and slept pretty good. This morning I got up and walked over to Body Pump then walked home. Still got the sinus congestion thing going on but it's not bad. Another day of eating right and resting and I should be fine. Tomorrow I have an 8k in the morning. I'm using that as a start to my serious half marathon/marathon training. I'll do 8k on Sunday, then on Wednesday kick in the real training plan. I want to run 3-4 days a week. I'm looking at Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with a long run on Sunday. But we will see what the body thinks of that. In the weight department, I do believe I'm down to where I started. I lost 3 lbs the first week of WW, then I went up 2 lbs, then I got sick and (according to my scale) went up 3 more lbs. Well, this morning my scale says I'm back to where I started WW at. Not great but I guess it's better than the gain staying. Okay, time to shower and maybe grab a little rest.

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