23 January 2011

Lesson learned

Even though I'm on WW and watching what I eat, I like to take one day and splurge. Even the Biggest Loser contestants do it after weigh-in. I try not to go too terribly crazy, but I will have something I wouldn't normally have. For a while now I've been craving one of those deli trio sandwiches from Jack in the Box, and I decided to have one yesterday for lunch. I think if I'd of stopped there I would have been fine. But no, Hubby had a coupon for a free milkshake and I thought, what the hell....I'm having a sandwich have a shake and then I'll be done with the splurge. That was my first mistake. The second mistake was that I should have checked the nutritional info before I went and not after. The deli trio sandwich was 16 points which actually wasn't too terribly horrible. The regular chocolate milkshake though?? 22 points. 22 points!!! WTF!!!!! That is completely insane. But, as I said, I didn't check until after I ate it so it was a done deal. The rest of the day that "meal" laid in my stomach like a piece of lead. It felt horrible. I was full and burping for the rest of the day. Yuck!!! I ended up not having dinner and about 8 pm made a cappuccino in my new machine hoping it would push the food through my system. It definitely helped and by 10 pm when I went to bed, I felt okay. I never ate dinner though. When I got up this morning I was a little hungry and I knew we would be taking the dogs on a long walk, so I had a yogurt. I did all my usual morning business and felt fine when we left on the walk. About 10 minutes into it I had to go. And when I say I had to go, I mean I HAD TO GO!!! We stopped at a hardware store and used their bathroom. I was going to go for a run after we got back from the walk but I have decided to postpone it a little to make sure everything has settled down.
So what exactly is the lesson learned?
  • Check the nutrition info before I eat.  I probably would not have had the shake since that was not what I really wanted. 
  • Don't go so crazy on a splurge. I want to have something I don't normally have not make myself sick. 
  • Plan splurges a little bit more. This was too spur of the moment and I didn't think it through. 
With all that, I am definitely going to run later and I'm sticking to my eating plan today.  Nuff junk for one weekend. 

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