03 January 2011

Today the work begins

So it's easy to make all these grand declarations over the holiday and/or weekend.  But now it's Monday and it's time to really knuckle down.  I have it a bit easier than most in that I don't return to work until next Monday, but life is quickly setting in for me.  I have a bunch of things I need to get done before next Monday.  I have a whole lot of things I put off for the last 2 weeks because of the "holidays."  Well, they are now officially over. Time to get moving again.  Well, I have been moving my body but not other things :)  I know exactly what I want to accomplish this year, fitness wise, I need to come up with a plan.  A good plan.  I need to have iron clad routines and contingency plans in place so that nothing detracts me from my ultimate goal. Fitness.

There's a lot of looking towards the end of the year going around in blog world.  Looking at the end of 2011 and thinking where you want to be, what you want to be able to say about the year.  When you know where you are going you can plan how to get there.  So I made myself a sign with what I want to be able to say at the end of the year.  I printed it out, framed it, and am going to hang it here in my office.  It says:

I ran. A lot & consistently.  
I stretched. A lot. 
I nourished my body healthfully and treated it like the gift that it is. 
I was my own superhero.

Just like that, in those colors.  I'm going to hang it in a place where I will see it everyday whether I want to or not.  I just decided that I'm going to make myself a shirt that says, "I am my own superhero" I have the shirts I want to use.  Ooooowwwwww, suddenly excitement.  

So there is work this week and prepping for next week.  Let the games begin. 

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