Persistent anyway...

Last Monday I tried a new DVD I had gotten, I talked about it here. When I did it last Monday it kicked my butt. Completely. I was exhausted the rest of the day and I was sore for like 2 days. Horrible...I didn't really do anything resembling a workout the rest of the week and yesterday I had to go to school early and by the time I was ready to work out it was way too hot and humid. So this morning when I realized we were not going to walk the dogs (Hubby's fighting a stomach flu thingee) I decided to whip that DVD out and try it again. Overall I really like the workout it is just killer. So I did it. Yikes. A little over 1/2 way through I thought I was going to throw up. There were some moves towards the end that I just could not do at all. It's not that they were hard, it's just that I was wiped out. So the truth of the matter is, I really, really like this workout and I want to do it more often. I'm going to try and squeeze it in 1-2 mornings a week. To do that requires me to get up at 4 and hustle so that I am ready to shower by 5:30 but with a little planning it's doable. So that's my next goal, conquer this workout.


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