28 February 2011

Hunger is an interesting thing

Today I stuck to my plan really well - I was kind of busy so that always helps. But hunger effects me strangely and I can't help but wonder if it's from my years of dieting and starvation. Anyway, what happens with me is that I get hungry and on the WW scale of 1-5, with 1 being ready to pass out and 5 being Thanksgiving stuffed, I will generally feel like 2 - really hungry but able to go on. What happens next is the interesting part. If I don't eat within an hour or so I stop being hungry and I start to get sleepy. Really. Really. Sleepy. Like I can hardly hold my head up sleepy. At that point I could lie down and sleep and not even think twice about it. Of course if I do I will wake up with a whopper of a headache. So I try very hard not to eat if I'm not hungry but I have to be careful if I'm tired. I have to make sure that it's tiredness and not hunger.

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