I love salads.  I could eat them everyday for lunch and dinner and never get tired.  I love lots of stuff in my salads; beans, beets, eggs, oranges, cranberries, whatever.  I love salads.  Lately though I have a whole new salad to love.  I love, love, love to take leftover meat from dinner; chicken or steak; and a little rice.  Heat them up and throw them in a salad with some ranch dressing.  OMG!!!  That is so awesome. I could eat that every day.  I absolutely love it.  The best part is I can make a huge bowl of greens with all manner of veggies in it, add 3 oz of meat and 1/2 cup of rice and I have a filling meal.  Really filling.  But not bloating, just filling.  I love it.  Tonight at dinner I had a salad and a plate with chicken and rice.  I ended up dumping my rice in my salad and eating it with pieces of chicken.  Awesome.....


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