05 February 2011


is starting to get to me.  We are in pretty serious financial trouble.  Hubby lost his job back in November and that was our main source of income.  Then last week he took off from his other job because his son was here visiting.  Now we are broke. Flat ass broke. And it appears we owe taxes. Freaking perfect.  We have no money to pay bills or to buy anything.  I had to use my blogging money to buy some gas.  I'm worried.  And I can feel it starting to manifest in physical symptoms. I have no desire to workout. I just want to lie in bed and pull the covers over my head.  And I want to eat.  Of course, I have no money to buy any junk food so that's not really happening, but the desire is there.

So....what am I going to do about this??  Well, I have a number of "plans" but none of them are immediate. I am looking for a part time job to bring in more money and I am also looking into a teaching job that pays more. If I were to work for the DOE I would make about $12,000 more a year than I do now.  That is quite a chunk of change.  So there is that.  But even if I get a part time job tomorrow, I won't see any pay for a couple of weeks and the DOE won't start until July.  So these are long term fixes, I have absolutely nothing for the short term.  Nothing.  I don't know what the hell we are going to do.  The only thing I really care about is the mortgage.  As long as that is paid everyone else can wait.  Okay, enough feeling sorry for myself, I have to do something.

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