I read the blog of David Kirchoff, CEO of Weight Watchers. Not only is he the head of WW but his blog is interesting and funny too. Also, he has been there and done that. He has issues with food (something I thought most men didn't have) and talks about them freely. This week's post was about his complete and utter lack of control in the face of ice cream, and it got me to thinking.

These are my kryptonite. I love these things with a passion that makes absolutely no sense at all. I can eat the entire package of these in one sitting and never blink. In fact, I have been know to devour an entire package and never walk away from the kitchen counter where they sit. As you might guess, I never buy these things. Ever. No matter how much I may want them I know what will happen and I just don't do it. The problem is my husband. He likes these too. Not to the same degree I do, not even close. He can have one or two wafers and be very happy. He can buy them and the package will last him an entire week. Not 30 seconds. So once in a while he will pick up a package. I know he thinks he's being nice by buying me my favorite cookie. I have never told him not to buy them, nor have I told him how completely insane these cookies make me. So he really does think he's doing something nice for me when he picks these up. He bought some Tuesday night. I did not find them until I was getting ready for bed. In an amazing show of restraint, I then proceeded to eat 1/2 the package. I had some for breakfast yesterday - hey, the power went out and I couldn't make anything. I had some when I came home yesterday. You have no idea the restraint and willpower it took for me not to eat them all every time I took one. Last night we finished them up for dessert and I am glad. Wherever I was in the house I could hear those cookies calling me. It's an absolute sickness I swear.

I'm just happy that those are really my only downfall. There are times when any sweet can affect me like that, but those do it consistently. Most times I can pass up candy, cakes, etc. Never, ever can I pass up a Nutter Butter. NEVER!!!!

So after the Nutter Butter binge I am back on track. Today will be a day of healthy, nutritious food that does good things for my body. And lots and lots of water to wash all that crap out.....


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