15 April 2011

Just one day

That is my new mantra.  Just one day....I will track for just one day...I will work out for just one day.... I think it will help me stay on track. Instead of focusing on the big picture, which I do, I can focus on the little things and the only thing I really have any control over...today...just one day. So I started it today.  When I woke this morning I said to myself, "I'll work out just today" and I got up and worked out.  I then decided to track for just today to see how much I'm eating. So I tracked.  It worked.  So, what have I learned.  To-Do lists really work for me...really...also, focusing on the here and now works for me.  So I'm going to write a to-do list for every day and practice my mantra....just one day...I can do anything for just one day.....  Read my progress here.

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