04 June 2011

Back to Basics

I just got back from a bike ride. It was awesome. I haven't really ridden my bike in a long, long time. Too long. I have 3 bikes and have ridden none of them in the past couple of years. There's a lot of reasons for that, but the main reason has been that I am so disgusted with my lack of fitness. I keep comparing myself to the shape I used to be in, and come up lacking. I find myself wanting to do the things I used to be able to do. And I can't. And it pisses me off. So I decided to start from square 1. I got my basic bike out today and fixed it all up. I then took it out for a spin. A couple of things I remembered as I rode:

  • I love biking. It has to be my favorite thing to do. 
  • I can push myself on a bike like I can in no other workout
  • I love biking
  • I live in a beautiful place and biking is a great way to see it.
  • I love biking
So yeah, I rode for 40 minutes, pushing myself pretty darn hard, and I loved it. I plan on riding every day. My goal is for an hour and I think that is a really reasonable goal.  Oh, speaking of goals, I came up with a couple:
  • To be able to ride up the hill to the college without dying
  • To start running July 1
  • To make my bike a real part of my life
I'm happy.... I love biking.....

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