03 June 2011

Game On!!!!

Today was the last day of school. Tomorrow it all begins. I am so completely determined to make this summer awesome, I refuse to waste one single minute. There are 50 days until school begins and I plan on losing at least 20 lbs. I really want to lose 30 but I'll settle for 20. The numbers are pretty straight forward:

  • 3500 calories equal 1 lb
  • 20 x 3500 = 70,000 (30 x 3500 = 105,000)
  • 70,000 / 50 = 1400 calories per day deficit ( 105,000/50 = 2100)
  • BMR = ~1500
  • Morning workouts - 60 minutes of high intensity cardio/strength ~650 calories
  • Afternoon workout - 60 minute bike ride ~ 600 calories
  • Total burn ~ 2700 calories
  • Consume ~ 1200 calories 
  • Deficit ~ 1500 calories
This is a rough estimate and doesn't include the dog walking, teaching or working.  It's going to be rough going at first but I can totally do it.  I have time in my day to take naps if I need and I will be eating right.  Tomorrow I start with pictures and measurements so I can track my progress. I'm excited and looking forward to it.  I'm looking forward to getting back into shape and not feeling so lazy and tired all the time.  It's going to be an awesome summer....

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