03 June 2011

Working like a dog

That's what I've been doing. This week I worked Sunday and 2 nights at my part-time job. Also, it's the last week of school so I've been getting tests ready and doing final reviews and such. A busy, busy week. As a result I've been a little tired and out of it. But as the week draws to a close I find my energy and spirit improving...Hmmm....imagine that :)

Anyway, I have made some interesting discoveries these 2 weeks working 2 jobs. First, I don't get hungry at night. I just don't. The first night I worked until 10 I didn't eat anything and tried to eat when I got home. Mistake. I couldn't go to bed and I felt like crap. The next time I worked late I took a sandwich and ate it around 7:30. that was better but I still wasn't hungry when I ate. Last night I didn't eat at all and I didn't eat when I got home. This morning though I was hungry, really hungry. So what I'm discovering is that the more tired I am the less hungry I am. I'm eating less. The problem is that not eating makes me even more tired. So I need to work to find a balance between eating and tired.

At work the other night someone asked me if we had promise rings. I wasn't even sure what a promise ring was. I work at a Catholic school so was thinking it was a promise not to have sex, but I don't think that's it. Anyway, I found this website, makemypromisering.com and saw what they were. So now I know. Cute.....

With all that's been going on this week, not a whole lot of working out was happening. But that all changes tomorrow. Tomorrow is the last day of school and starting on Saturday I go into full on Biggest Loser mode. I plan on working out a lot and eating right and losing a ton of weight over the next 7 weeks. I'll go into more details this weekend, but needless to say I'm excited to be done with school and work on me for a while. I really think it will work this time because I won't be just laying around. I'll be teaching summer school and working so no time to sleep on the couch. I'm definitely looking forward to this.

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