11 June 2011

A new plan

The plan I had clearly is not working. Last week I worked out 3 times. That is better than not working out at all, but I want to work out more. Also, I have things I need to work on that are not getting done. So it's time for a new plan. Here goes will I talk it out.....

I get up around 6 every morning, make coffee and feed the birds. By 6:30 I'm ready to sit down and drink my coffee. It is at this point that I usually get on the computer and see what happened overnight and in the early morning hours. Sometimes I spend only 15 minutes, other times I can be there an hour or more. If I manage to drag myself away, I workout. If I don't get away from it I don't workout. That has to change. So starting tomorrow, no online stuff in the morning. I will get up as usual, make coffee, feed the birds, and sit outside to drink my coffee. After no more than 30 minutes - or at 7 am - I will workout. If I manage to workout I will frequently sit down at the computer when done and blog about it. That can lead to another 1-2 hours on the computer and my morning is shot. Starting tomorrow, if I feel the need to blog after a good workout, I will blog on my phone. Not as fun to use and I generally try to get it done quicker.

So that takes care of the morning problems. After workout, breakfast and shower I will usually sit down at the computer and burn more time. Also, between these tasks I will check the computer frequently burning 10-15 minutes 3 or 4 times in a morning. That time all adds up. That stops completely. Instead of burning all that time on the computer, I will spend that time doing what I need to do. The schedule will look like this:

  • Up at 6 am
  • Make coffee, feed birds
  • Sit outside with dogs at 6:30 to enjoy coffee
  • 7 am - workout
  • 8 am - train Bella
  • 8:30 - shower, eat breakfast
  • 9 am - prep for the day, work on thesis
  • 10 am - leave for school 
  • 11 - 1 - teach
  • 1:45 - back home, have lunch, work on thesis
  • 3:45 - leave for work 
  • 10 - come home go to bed
Another thing I have to cut out is the naps.  I take way too many naps during the day.  If I work out particularly hard, I will take a nap in the morning.  Before I leave to work at Walgreen's, I will frequently nap in the afternoons.  There really is no need for that at all.  If I eat dinner at work, I come home and go straight to bed. That gives me 6.5 to 7 hours sleep. More than enough for me.   I have things I want to get done and I need to work hard to get them done.  So that's my plan.  I will check email and FB on my phone.  I will probably stop playing the games, I just don't have time. 

There it is. Time to get serious.  I want to finish my thesis this summer and submit my application for the PhD program in the fall.  In order to do that I have to work  - hard!!!  So there it is.  No more fun on the computer until I make some serious progress on the thesis. 

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