13 June 2011

Seriously Sweaty

I think the longest part of making a blog post is finding a picture I can use. I just wanted to post a quick update on my week so far (my week starts on Sunday). Good!!! I spent Saturday organizing and working on a plan. Yesterday I put it into action - kind of. I worked out in the morning. I did not spend hours on the computer. I worked my part time job. Ate decently, except for 3 cupcakes, came home and went straight to bed. Overall a good day.

Today is off to a fabulous start. I got up, fed the birds and dogs, and worked out. Now I'm cooling down a little so that I can shower. I can't shower when I'm super sweaty because I feel like I continue to sweat in the shower. Hate that. So in a minute I'll shower, eat breakfast and get ready for my class at 11. I don't work tonight so I'll spend the afternoon working on my thesis. Woo Hoo.

I want to make a note about my workouts. Yesterday I did Bob's Strength and it kicked my butt. Today I did the cardio and it also kicked my butt. The good news is, in both workouts I was able to push it a little further than I did last time. In the strength workout yesterday I was able to do some moves I hadn't been able to do before and in today's workout, I was able to keep up with them on some of the moves. I was also able to use weights on some moves I haven't been able to use before. Definitely making progress.

The thing is, if I'm making progress by only working out sporadically (haha, spell check wanted to make this spasmodically - that may also be true), imagine what kind of progress I could make if I was consistent? Hmm...maybe I should give consistency a go. How bout I stick to my plan for 1 week and see what happens......

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