Wow, just wow.....

Last night I watched that Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition. I had never seen it before and since I <3 the Biggest Loser, I thought I'd check it out. It was pretty good, don't think I'll watch it again but it was definitely okay. One thing that struck me - hard - was when they were talking about why this guy was overweight. He said he had been sexually abused as a child and later on admitted that he was homosexual. Neither of those things struck me but what did was that you have to be true to who you are. You can't be something you're not, you have to be you. Yes, I've heard this, and said this, a thousand times but for some reason it finally connected last night. As I was driving to school today I was thinking about that and thinking about my life and wondering why I'm not happy. Or as happy as I think I could be. Then it hit me. There are only 3 things that I really, really want in life. I want to be athletic - as athletic as I can be anyway -, I want to travel, and I want to get my PhD. Those are really the things in life that I want. That's all. Of course I'm not including my house and my animals because I have those things :) What I was thinking about was what I wanted that I didn't have. Those three things; be athletic, travel, get my PhD. That's all. Those things are so easy and so within my control it's crazy. For the athletic part, I just have to get back into being serious about working out and keep it up. For the travel, that's a little harder but I just have to finish the bankruptcy and start saving some money. For the PhD, that's kind of a no-brainer. Finish my Master's, get my application to UH in and go for it. That's all. Completely within my control. Completely doable. Who knew it could be so simple.....


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