12 July 2011

Oh dear Lord

My head is killing me. I started feeling tired last night at work. I was really tired, bone weary tired. I made it through the night though and got home. When I went to bed I had a bit of a headache and thought about taking some ibuprofen but decided sleep was what I needed. Boy , was I wrong. I woke this morning still having the headache and being more tired than I was when I went to bed last night. Ugh!!! I had a really relaxed day planned anyway, so I figured I would just take it easy and nap if needed. I have basically felt like crap all day, sleeping on and off, and unable to stay vertical for very long. This afternoon my stomach started getting involved with nausea and gas. Oh, god this is fun... I better not be coming down with something. This better be a 24 hour thing because if I get sick now that I'm officially on break I will be pissed. I made a small, healthy dinner - stir-fry veggies and rice - and took some ibuprofen. I'm going to take it easy and head off to bed early. I had better fee better in the morning.

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