27 August 2011

Boy, was I mad today

Around noon today I got an email from our vice principle asking some completely inane questions that just ticked me off. I ended up getting pretty angry about the whole thing and being pissed off most of the day. The questions he was asking were just bizarre. Why did someone's grade go up? Well, they turned in work..... Duh!!! We keep electronic gradebooks and one of the categories, that administration came up with, is CW or classwork. The way the gradebook is set up you enter the name of the activity and then the category. So it will say something like, Element crossword puzzle, CW. Pretty self explanatory. At least I thought it was. One of the questions in his email was what these CW activities were. Ummm....pretty much what the name of the activity says...in this case it was Chapter 3 essay and Chemical scavenger hunt...It was such a ridiculous question because the information was there and all filled out. Ugh!!! I replied with a pretty blunt email and for all my responses I've been thinking Duh!!! Apparently he didn't see it that way though because I saw him at the end of the day and all was good. {{sigh}}

The reason I'm going into so much detail about this is because I think part of the problem is the lack of working out. I can generally handle my emotions pretty well but I think working out is the key. Well, it starts tomorrow...Now I have to get some sleep...

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