27 August 2011

What Makes You Eat More Food

What Makes You Eat More Food

I've taken to putting pictures with all my posts lately and while looking around for this picture stumbled across the above linked article on Time magazine. So I'm scrapping the post I was planning and doing a post on this instead.

They list 7 things that make you eat more and I found them fascinating and thought I would talk about them a little.

Time of day - Every morning before school a bunch of us teachers gather in the faculty room. We eat breakfast and socialize. It's a nice relaxing way to start the day. Yesterday I go down there and didn't have anything to eat. Everyone wanted to know where my breakfast was and when I responded that I wasn't hungry they all started in; you have to eat, you'll be sorry later, you can't eat during class. I found this quite interesting. So not only does the clock tell us when we should eat, but apparently our co-workers do too. Then, the worst part of this, after everyone else left I succumbed to the pressure and had an omelet and tater tots that I really didn't want. When the only time I had to eat lunch rolled around I was not hungry at all but ate anyway. I'm not sure how to combat this, especially since I am on such a rigid schedule and I have to eat when I have time.

Sight - Just seeing something you like can start the juices flowing and make you hungry. This happens to me with sweets. Regular food - sometimes, but sweets all the time. I hate this. I try to convince myself that I don't like things but it rarely works.

Variety - This one talks about how even after a huge meal we will manage to eat dessert because our sweet tooth hasn't been satisfied. That is so true. But I find when I eat lots of whole food and avoid sweets I stop craving them, so apparently there is a way around this one.

Smell - This only works on me if I'm already hungry. If I'm not hungry and smell something good, I will think ummm, smells good, but rarely will smell alone make me eat if I'm not hungry.

Alcohol - this is the truth and a large part of the reason I stopped drinking so much. When I drink, I eat, and I crave sweets. Nuff said.

Temperature - This one was new to me. Apparently when we are cold we eat more. That is why restaurants keep the temps down. I bet that's the same reason grocery stores are freezing cold.

Refined Carbs - Yeah, this one I knew from sad experience. The more refined carbs I eat the more I want. It's not pretty and I try, try, try to stay away from them as much as possible.

This was very interesting and basically no matter how many fat burners or diet pills or whatever you take, you really have to be aware of these things and not fall into their traps.

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