17 August 2011

Hunger Games

Once upon a time I used to get hungry. I mean seriously, ready to gnaw my arm off hungry. I would need food like a junkie needs crack. Then I stopped working out so hard. Gradually my hunger abated. I still get hungry but not like before. And sometimes I don't even realize I am hungry. Sometimes my hunger masquerades as tiredness. I don't like it. This causes me to sometimes not eat as much as I should. This is not a problem short term, but long term it can be a b*tch. I find myself reaching points where I get headaches and am exhausted and it's all basically because I haven't been eating enough. It does have an up side, I'm eating a lot less, but it's not necessarily a good thing.So, as if I didn't have enough reasons to start working out again, this is another. I need to get my hunger back into working condition so that I don't fall into those traps of tired and headache.  So there you have it, reason 4,581 to get back into a workout routine.

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