19 August 2011

And done.....

Seriously!!! I am so done with this.... I have gone for the longest time without working out and I do not like it at all. I feel like a slug, the pillsbury doughboy. I have no energy. I'm constantly tired. My body hurts. My bowels aren't regular. My stomach is screwed up. I'm done!!!

Starting tomorrow I am working out. Every. Single. Day. Even if it's only walking the dogs, I'm doing it.

Later: I wrote that first thing this morning, right after I had gotten to school. I have reached a point where all my tops are getting tight and I generally feel uncomfortable in most of my clothes. I do not like this feeling. So it's time for a change. I have gone for over a month without working out and I really, really don't like it. I need to get moving and I need to do it now....

Even later:
I just had dinner and I'm trying to formulate a plan for this. I need to have an idea of what I'm doing, otherwise I'll wake up in the morning and just end up farting around until I run out of time. So I need a plan or at least an idea of a plan. So I want to run 3 days a week and strength train 3 days a week. I think for right now I will start with Jillian. I have her DVDs and they are just 30 minutes, so I think I'll start with that. Tomorrow I'm gonna do the front disk and take Bella out, then I have to work tomorrow night. Sunday I'm gong to do the back DVD and take Bella out, then work in the afternoon. For the week the plan will look like this:

Monday: run in the morning
Tuesday: Jillian front
Wednesday: run in the morning
Thursday: Jillian Back
Friday: run in the morning
Saturday: Jillian front
Sunday: Jillian back

Hey, it's a start...

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