20 August 2011

I commit.......

...to working out. Every day I will do something even if it's only walking the dogs. I will move my body. The lazier I am the less energy I have. Therefore, if I make the time to do some activity every single day I will have more energy for the rest of my life.

...to eating right. I will not eat sweets and snacks. I will focus on good, whole food that provides energy and nourishment. Treats will be once a week at most.

...to doing something I enjoy everyday. Taking some pictures, sitting with my dogs, whatever, as long as it's something I enjoy doing and it refreshes my soul.

...to not letting the bastards get me down. In my life there are a few people who are complete and total energy sucks. They are negative or idiots or whatever. I'm not going to let those folks get to me. I am better than they are.

...to being grateful. I have a fabulous life and I need to remember that more. There are a whole lot of people who don't have it near as good as I do. I am extremely lucky and have been my entire life. I need to remember that more.

...to cleaning off this desk...do you know how hard it is to use my computer when the pile of stuff is so big ;)

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Sounds like an excellent group of things to commit to!

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