11 August 2011

Soul Searching

The past few days have been interesting. Over the weekend I pigged out on junk. I got brownies and Ben & Jerry Ice Cream and ate a lot of both. Needless to say I did not feel so great. The next morning, was it Monday????, I woke up and decided that was it. I was done eating crap. No, wait, actually I ate that garbage on Saturday, so it was Sunday I decided I was done with that but then I had dessert on Sunday night. Okay, now that I've got the timeline right I can continue. So Monday I decided there would be no desserts. That's all. No sugar. Also I limited my food intake Monday and Tuesday though didn't really get nuts with the numbers. I just set out a reasonable amount of food and ate it and that was all. Worked great. I ate about 1700 calories. I was not hungry and I felt good. No intestinal issues at all. So here's what I know for sure:

Fact: No sugar consumption works well for me, really well.

Fact: With zero activity other than work  (both jobs), 1700 calories is perfect.

Fact: Eating reasonable amounts of full fat items leaves me full and satisfied.

Fact: Eating more fruits and veggies than grains or proteins really fills me up.

Fact: Protein in the morning sets me up for a good day.

So how can I use this information to my best advantage?  Well, the first thing is I need to start adding in some workouts.  After next week I won't be working nights at Walgreens, only weekends. That gives me no excuse not to start working out - at least during the week.  I'll start with that. I think rather than trying to change everything all at once, I'll take baby steps this time.  I'm generally one to make huge, sweeping changes but it doesn't feel right this time.  I really want to get back into working out so I'll start there.  I know how to eat to feel good and have the energy to get through my day, now let's take it up one notch. Workouts, that's where it's at this week.

That being said, I have today off.  Hubby is having his hernia repaired today and I am getting a full physical. After that I have to drive into town to get a mammogram, pick up a spay/neuter certificate for Baby Bella and stop at Sports Authority to spend some reward cards I got. Whew!! A busy day planned, but it will begin with some activity.

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