06 August 2011

Things are looking up

A couple of days off, a couple of good nights sleep and I'm feeling great. I talked to Walgreens yesterday when I called in to say I wouldn't be in last night and told them this wasn't going to work. The manager offered to just schedule me on weekends. Cool!! So that problem is taken care of with a great solution - at least I think so.

We are currently rearranging the house. Again. We got a big TV. A huge TV. No, I mean a really giant TV - 62". Yikes!!! So I had to move my desk back into the spare room to make room in the living room for the TV. Tomorrow we are going to go shopping for a stand. The one we have our current, tiny, TV on is just not going to work. While moving things around tonight I came across Nala and Rocco's ashes. I have to do something with them. I would love to start a little memorial area in the yard somewhere. I would love to get memorial plaques or a bench at Personal Creations. They have some awesome pet memorial things. It would be great to have a little garden with the stones and maybe a bench.

I'm ready to start working out again. My self imposed break has worked. Nothing hurts and I'm itching to do something. I want to start running again. Tomorrow I give it a go.

That's about it for me. I am getting tired and just about ready for bed. More tomorrow.

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