10 September 2011

Light at the end of the tunnel

So after my complete and total melt down on Tuesday, the week got progressively better. I went in on Wednesday and apologized to my co-counsel on the Aloha Show because I had been a total bitch to her. I then told her what was really, deep down, bothering me. When I went for my annual mammogram last month, they found a lump. I have not felt anything during my self-exams, but something showed up on the x-ray. On Thursday I went in for another mammogram and an ultrasound so they could get a better look at it. I thought that I was handling it and in fact ignoring it until I knew more, but clearly I was wrong. I was really scared. My sister had breast cancer and I did not want to deal with that. Well, the semi-good news is that they are pretty sure its just a cyst. Yeah!! I have to go back in 6 months for another ultrasound to check it. So that is much better. Also, once I really admitted to myself what was bothering me it was a whole lot easier to deal with. Plus I took back the control I had relinquished. And I got some very cool technology in my classroom and I'm looking forward to working with it. And just to make things really, really good - I'm calling in sick to Walgreen's today. I don't feel like working and I have decided that I'm not going to.... So there...Now I'm off to waltz, but that's for another post :)

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