Metamorphosis has begun

I'm very inspired and excited about this whole reinventing myself. It is very freeing and empowering to know the source of what's holding me back. Now that I am aware of the problems I am moving on them and I am excited. I woke up a couple of times during the night and the first word in my head was reinventing and I wondered if it was time to get up yet. That tells me I'm pretty excited about this whole thing. I need to be careful though and not go crazy. I have been known to do that and just burn myself out in the first days. So I need to pace myself and keep this momentum going.

So I started today with an hour long workout. I have been babying myself with these 30 minute workouts and telling myself that I need to get into shape to do the others. Bullshit. I need to push myself to the limit and work as hard as I can. That't the only way I make progress, so that's what I'm doing. Pushing myself. Right now I'm on break so it's a great time to push the envelope because if I crash no one will care. So that's what I'm doing - pushing myself. And it felt pretty good. Okay, I thought I was going to die but I made it through. And now I am very proud of myself for a good start.

Now I'm hungry so it's time to shower, get some food and then head to school for a training session before Walgreens. Busy, busy day.


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