19 September 2011

Paleo Diet

I have done a lot of reading and studying about biology, nutrition, and human history.  I have often thought about how our ancestors lived and ate.  Biology tells us that our bodies were designed thousands of years ago, yet most of the food we eat was "designed" in the last 30-50 years. I remember as a kid the grocery store being vastly different than it is now.  First, it was much smaller. Second, there was not much processed food at all. Most of the store was the fresh produce and meat departments. There was bread, some snacks, chips, and baked goods.  That's about it. There was not entire aisles of chips or phony food.  You couldn't buy anything resembling a lunchable (okay, I have no idea how that is spelled and neither does spell check). I have often thought that the "food" we eat is not how we were meant to eat.

I've also watched a number of documentaries on food and food production in this country - and it is scary.  In the past I have toyed with this so-called paleo eating.  Basically what I've done is cut out grains and sweets.  I've eaten only whole foods - meats, fruits, veggies, eggs, etc.  After I've eaten this way for a few days I notice that I feel pretty darn good.  I have more energy and generally a feeling of well being that I don't normally have.  The problem is, I've never done it for very long.  A week or so at the most.  So, I'm going to give it a serious chance.  I'm going to stick to eating this way for 30 full days and see what happens.  I'm going to be fairly strict with myself but not crazy anal.  My plan is basically whole foods only.  Meat, eggs, veggies, fruits, some nuts, beans, and that's about it.  No processed foods, dairy, or grains.  Also, good fats.  I'm going to try and switch to organic foods - getting hubby to switch thought is going to be difficult - but I'll try.  If I can convince him that we only need a little bit of the organic stuff it might work.  I'll let him discover how much better it tastes. Also, if I eat organic food for breakfast and lunch (which I generally eat away from home), if I eat mostly veggies for dinner with very little non-organic meat I should be just fine.  Whole Foods will be opening nearby soon and I will start shopping there for my stuff.  I can totally do this and I'm excited. I know how good I feel when I eat this way and I want to feel that way again.

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Elle said...

I've recently read and heard a lot about what you refer to as the paleo diet. I've also heard it referred to as a plant based, whole foods diet. I can't wait to check back and hear how your 30 days went! I'm attempting a weight-loss based blog myself for the first time. I'd love your support and I will definitely be checking back with you and seeing your ideas! Thanks!

Sincerely, Elle


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