19 September 2011

That is it, I am done!!!

I have just filed for a divorce! I am divorcing my past, divorcing my pain, divorcing my doubts, divorcing my setbacks & divorcing lack. The Judge awarded me full custody of my destiny, full custody of my calling and full custody of my life. I am divorcing myself from my past in order to release my future.** So what does that all mean? Well, I'm done looking backward. I can not keep looking back if I'm trying to go forward. I have to focus on the future, where I'm going instead of where I've been. So as of this moment I'm divorcing my past. I will no longer dwell on the fitness I used to have or the shape I used to be in. I instead will focus on the here and now and work towards making that better. No more whining about what was, time to look forward to what will be.

 **This was taken from Facebook and altered to fit me :)

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