The time is right

Yesterday everything ended. I am no longer waiting. I am no longer stressing over things. I am no longer..... So here begins a new mindset. Now is the time to start. I have to make a change and I have to do it immediately. First, a couple of things. My back has been bothering me and I think it's because of the size of my stomach. It is huge. Also, my foot is bothering me some and I am so sure that is due to weight I can't even consider any other option. And tired. So, so, so tired. And really tired of being tired. So here's the plan starting today. I'm working out every day and staying active on top of that. Today I start with Jillian and a trip to the beach with Bella. Then it's off to work. No time to rest there. Tomorrow it's up early, workout with Jillian and off to work at 7:30. Home by 4:30 and it's walking the dogs and resting. Monday it's an hour workout, probably Bob, cleaning house, running up to school, maybe taking Bella and hiking a little. The point is to keep busy and not spend hours at the computer or sleeping on the couch. I'm done with that. Then there is food. For today and tomorrow I'm just tracking calories and keeping it under 1500. Monday I need to go shopping and Wednesday I need to hit the open market. Fruits and veggies is the mantra. And tracking every bite that goes in my mouth before it gets there. My goal over this 2 weeks is not so much to lose weight, but to get back into the healthy lifestyle habit. Cut out the junk, stop the sleeping on the couch so much, and move my fat ass. Starting Oct 1 I start Couch to 5k again. I want to run a 10k on New Years Day and that will give me 3 months to get there. I am tired of putting things off and waiting to start and blah, blah, blah. I only have the here and now so I need to make the best of it......


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