22 October 2011

Day 1 - Again

Even though I signed up for Weight Watchers on Wednesday, and I've been tracking my points since then - today is really Day 1. On Wednesday I did not know how much I weighed because my scale is insane, so I just entered 200lbs. Thankfully I'm not quite that yet. I'm starting at 196.6. Still extremely high but I least I haven't crossed that 200 mark. Yeah!!!!

My goal for this week is to track every single bite I eat and to follow my workout schedule and workout 6 days this week. I'm trying very hard to stay away from number goals since that generally leads to feelings of failure. What usually happens, with me and others, is that I will lose weight the first week. The second week I may stay the same or possibly even gain a little. The third and fourth week can go either way - up or down. It's usually at this point that I give up, but if I stick with it the weight will slowly start to come off. A little at first and then week by week it will go steadily downward. So I am committing to this until the end of the year. I hope to lose 5 lbs by the end of the year. More importantly, I will get back into the healthy eating and working out habit. That's my focus here. After the first of the year I will focus in on the weight loss.

I want to address why I returned to Weight Watchers. In my last post I said that I had left WW because I thought they had nothing to offer me. The fact of the matter is they do. They provide me with some level of accountability. When I'm on my own I can put off weighing in or delay tracking my food or convince myself that I'm doing what I should when I'm not. Going to meetings adds an accountability factor that I don't have on my own. It's hard to convince myself that WW scales are off - something I do with my home scale all the time, well, my scale is insane. It's hard to lie about the number on the scale when someone else is reading it and writing it down. It's hard to tell someone else that you did everything right when the scale goes up and up and up. So that and the meetings. I like the meetings because for 30 minutes every week I can talk about me. My food choices. My successes. My challenges. My anything. And no one judges me. No one criticizes me because I ate 6 cookies, or poo-poos the fact that I even care about that. I can talk about things I can't talk about anywhere else at these meetings. And I'm surrounded by people in the same boat as me. I love reading and hearing about successes, but I really love reading and hearing about struggles and that they got through them. I reminds me that I'm not in this alone and if someone else did it so can I.

So there we have, Day 1. I'm off and running.

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kelbell said...

I hear you! I start back at Day 1 every few months I feel like. I fall off the wagon about 2-3 times a year and will have 2-3 weeks where I don't see the gym and I just eat whatever's easy. Then my trainer e-mails me/calls me and I get back into the gym, back to fitness bootcamp, back to running. Its not easy, but the fact that we GO BACK is what's important!

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