I can't seem to get this whole healthy lifestyle going. I get motivated for a day or two then lose it. Something happens or something comes up and it all falls apart. I'm done. Really and truly done. I'm thinking about shutting this blog down completely. I've been doing this for 7 years, in fact my 7th blogiversary was on the 26th!!!, and I'm not any further along my journey than I was when I started. In fact, I've moved backward not forward. What I am doing is taking a break. I'm going on hiatus to decide what I want to do. I feel like my life is completely out of my control and I need to focus on regaining control. So I'm off. Maybe it time to consider moving to North Carolina and doing some carpet cleaning durham nc. That might be the way. Seriously though, I have friends in NC and it is really nice there..... Okay, that's it....I'm off.....have fun.....


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