25 October 2011

MIssed step this week

This morning I ended up taking the day off work. I didn't really want to but I would have needed to take some time off and the whole day seemed the easiest option really. I was scheduled for a workout but I woke up and sat around for awhile. Then I got hungry. I ate and had every intention of working out later in the day. Then I got to working on other things. And it got late. And hot. And there went my workout right out the window. Now worries though, I was supposed to have a day off on Thursday so I'll just swap today with Thursday and workout the rest of the week. Easy peasy lemon squeezee. So just a misstep not a fall at all.

In my defense, I got a lot of school work done. I had given a test yesterday and it took me about 4 hours to get them all graded so that was a good thing. I also got tomorrow figured out what I'm doing to try and teach them what they should have known for the test. So it was a productive day.

Okay, tomorrow it's back on the horse tomorrow and back to the business of working out.

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Fat Girl Skinny said...

I love your easy going way you forgave yourself instead of getting down on yourself. I am a person who experiences a lot of self doubt and hold myself to the highest standards. I might have to take a page out of your book and be willing to change things up when it is needed :)

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