27 October 2011

Keeping the momentum going

I am so proud of myself. I did not work out on Wednesday but I have more than made up for that yesterday and today. The workouts I had scheduled yesterday were going to take 50 minutes. I usually get up at 4:30 and am working out by 5:00. But I need to be done by 5:40 at the latest in order to get the birds fed, showered, and dressed. 50 minutes in a 40 minute time slot just did not cut it. So I thought about what I could do to make it work and I figured it out. My alarm clock is a few minutes fast and I made sure I got up as soon as it went off. That gave me about 5 more minutes. Then I had set the coffee pot the night before so the coffee was ready when I got up. I also put my workout clothes on as soon as I got up. Definitely a time saver. So I got up, got my coffee and was ready to workout within 15 minutes. Perfect. That gave me 55 minutes to work out. So I did my workout, felt awesome and went on to have a great day. Then I did the same thing this morning. Yeah Me!!!!

In other news, I figured out what is going on with my neck. The other day one side got real sore and I could not figure out why. It cleared up and was fine for a couple of days. Then this morning I was working out and it was ab day. As soon as I started the abs my neck started hurting. Oh, great, I get it. My abs are such a weak mess that doing ab work hurts my neck. Okay. I modified all the exercises so that my neck had no strain and I focused very hard on using only my ab muscles. Knowledge is power and now that I know I can adjust and work on making my abs stronger. Very good.

Okay, that's it. I'm really feeling great. It is amazing how working out and eating well makes such a difference in me. I feel my energy increasing. I'm happier and much more positive. I am functioning at a much higher level. I was sitting in class today and looked out to see everyone working hard on mastering a skill. It was inspiring to see and I know a large part of it was my attitude. So yeah, things are going really well and I'm feeling awesome. Love it!!!!

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