13 October 2011


For a change I actually feel like I'm making some. I have stuck to the workout schedule all this week. Here is the workout calendar:

Well, it's a little hard to see but the green boxes are workouts I've completed, white boxes are days off, and blue boxes are scheduled workouts. I told them I was just starting out so I got a very beginner schedule. They had me workout 4 days in a row then 3 days off. Next it will be 5 days in a row with 2 days off. Then 6 days with one day off and it will be like that from here on out. I like it because I'm easing back into working out without killing myself. As is typical I want to just keep going with no rest, but this time I'm forcing myself to take it slow. I will do this.

Eating has been okay. I haven't been tracking my calories or anything but I discover that if I'm working out my eating falls in line. I don't crave sweets, I actually crave good healthy food. I guess my body knows what it needs I just need to listen to it. The best part is I'm feeling really good. I feel my energy level increasing, not drastically but it's definitely getting better. I'm more focused and I just feel more in control of all of my life.

I took today off work because I have a friend in from the mainland. Yeah!!! We are planning to go snorkeling out on the westside. That should be fun. She is staying at a timeshare condo out there and I have to go find her. I just hope the condos have big house number plaques because there are a thousand of them and I know I will get lost.

I also have to bite the bullet today and quit Walgreen's. I have not told them that I won't be back, I've just been using my ankle as an excuse. I feel like such a chicken but I have to do it and get this monkey off my back.

Okay, I have to go get ready for my fun day :)

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