15 October 2011

The Danger Zone

is behind me for today. At least the workout danger zone. I am committed to following the beginner workout schedule for Turbo Jam. I have not been working out enough to consider myself in any kind of shape at all, so I am starting at the beginning. Far too often I start something, go too hard, too fast and end up injured or exhausted or just plain burned out. When I was so successful in the past it was always because I started slowly and built up sanely. So since I am determined to be successful I am starting at the beginning and building slowly. It's clearly working because I faced a major hurdle today and got over it.

 Working out after a couple of days off.

This has always been a problem for me.  And that is just what it feels like, some cheesy title in red that I have to face.  It's terrible.  Part of the reason I tend to go too hard and too fast is because if I take a day or two off from working out I have the hardest time going back to it.  So generally I start with I'm going to workout everyday this week... or some such similar nonsense. Then I try and get tired or sore and fail and feel like a flop.  But taking days off are an issue for me.

The schedule I'm following now called for me to work out for 4 days, take 3 days off, workout out 5 days and take 2 days off.  They are trying to slowly work up to 6 workouts a week. That's a great way to do it gradually but I'm a crazy person and 3 days off were scaring the hell out of me. So I did my 4 workouts and took my 3 days off. Then I awoke this morning staring the danger zone straight in the eye. Workout after 3 days off or have I lost all momentum and I'm just going to eat breakfast??? While I did feel lazy the thought of skipping the workout never crossed my mind. Woo Hoo!!! I had in fact, been looking forward to working out today all week. Yes!!! So after my coffee I got dressed and did it. And it was awesome. I was a little winded since I guess I haven't built my aerobic capacity back up yet, but it felt good. I am so proud of myself. It's a small thing to some but a huge thing to me. Days off are generally a no-man's land and getting back to working out is usually hard for me. Not this time. Finding my motivation was really easy this morning and I didn't even need a garmin trucker gps!! Cool....

I am going to finish out the month following their schedule, there are only 13 more workouts left. Once that is done I will do another month of their schedule - it will be a harder schedule though not the beginner again - and then I will order another workout. I'm thinking of getting Turbo Fire next and then P90X. If I want to keep going after that I'll get Insanity. I know the kind of shape I want to be in and I just need to take my time and focus and I'll get there. Turbo Jam will take me through to the end of the year. At that point I will see if I'm ready to start running again. If I am I will add running in 3 days a week while I continue working out with DVDs. Do you seen how insane I am?? I can not help but continue to think more, harder, faster........ Ugh, I am totally insane!!!!

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