29 October 2011

Up, up, and away

Today was weigh-in day and I was up. Granted it was only .2 lbs but I was up. I was bummed. Still am a little. But not in a bad way. During the meeting I thought about why this could be. I'm feeling really good so why would the scale be showing a gain. Looking back at my tracker I see that I only fully tracked 4 days. Of those 4 days, I went over my points every single day. My points were 33,35,38,33 when my points target is 29. At that rate I would have used 245 for the week. I get 29 a day plus 49 weekly for a total of 252 points a week. Now, taking into account that serving sizes are not set in stone and calories, therefore points, can vary form one serving to the next, also, the fact that on the days I did not track I tended to eat more - sometime way more, I should be incredibly thankful that the scale only went up .2 lbs. In spite of my working out I overdid it this week. Okay, lesson learned. Tracking. Tracking. Tracking.

So, while I'm bummed about that .2 lbs, I am also much more motivated to get my butt in gear and lose some weight. On the plus side, I am feeling good. I can feel my energy increasing and I like that. So in spite of myself, good things are happening.

I want to do this week really well. I want to track every day, stay within my points, workout and see what happens. Wish me luck.

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