10 December 2011


My earlier post was to prep me for what I expected at the weigh-in. Since I have dome mostly nothing for 2 weeks and the last few days the eating has not been the greatest, I expected the scale to go up. It didn't!!! It went down. 1 pound down. I will take that because I totally did not expect it.

This week starts the new PointsPlus 2012 at Weight Watchers. That means all new materials and new daily points. My daily points went down from 29 to 26, but I'm okay with that. On the days that I follow the program and track I find it hard to eat 29 points. Now I don't have to. But I will have to be more diligent about tracking because I no longer have that 3 point cushion to work with. That's okay, I need to be more focused on this whole thing anyway.

Along those lines, I found that losing weight for the sake of losing weight doesn't work for me. I need to have a goal that I'm working towards. So I have come up with, what I think, are pretty reasonable goals. The long term goal is to fit into my clothes when I travel to Indianapolis in March. That will require losing about 25 pounds. Considering there are 15 weeks until I go that's not an outrageous goal. I need to lose a little over 1.5 pounds per week. Totally doable. My other goals are shorter term. The first is to start running January 1. That's not so much a goal as a plan, but in order to do that I need to lose a few pounds so I don't hurt myself when I run. The other one is to reach my 10% by the time I return to school on January 10th. That's 31 days or about 4.5 weeks and I need to lose 9 pounds. That is just about 2 pounds per week. Again, totally doable and not out of the question. It's all a matter of focus and determination.

But I must have a plan. So for this week I will track everything. I will stay within my points. I will workout everyday. It's the last week of school so I should be able to drag my butt out of bed to workout. That is the plan.

Now for today, I need to work on this room, it is completely out of control. I also need to get this TV cabinet finished and arrange this room the way I want it. And ORGANIZE. I need organization......

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