10 December 2011

Healed and ready to rumble

I think I am finally healed from my bike crash 2 weeks ago today. That day I was really sore and hurt so I took it easy all day. The next day, Sunday, I started to get stiff so I took it easy that day too. For the next week I was sore and I had open wounds on my arm and legs, so I didn't work out and tried to take care of myself and heal. Last Saturday I worked out and it almost killed me. My low back hurt and my left butt check was extremely painful which is weird because I fell on my right side. Then last week if I walked too long my low back hurt really bad. On Tuesday I thought I was in big trouble. My back hurt, my butt - both sides - hurt, my knee was giving out, I had pain shooting down my left leg... Yeah, I thought I had done some real damage and needed to go see a doctor. I used the heating pad while I sat at my computer and took ibuprofen before I went to bed and felt pretty good the next morning. I felt pretty good all day but when we walked the dogs Wednesday night my back started to hurt pretty bad - and we had only taken a short walk. Again, I thought I might need to go to a doctor but again I used the heating pad and took some ibuprofen before bed. Thursday my back felt fine all day and when we walked the dogs that night it only hurt a tiny bit towards the end. One more night of heating pad and ibuprofen just to be safe. Yesterday I woke up feeling great and didn't even think of my back all day. We didn't walk the dogs but I felt really good all night and was kind of bouncing around here. I was looking forward to getting up and working out this morning. My plan was to get up to watch the lunar eclipse and then workout after that. But it was raining really hard and I knew I wouldn't see anything so I stayed in bed. As I lay in bed I was debating about going to WW. I know I'm the same or possibly up because of 2 weeks of inactivity so I was thinking I would stay home, workout and get back on track. But I logged into WW to log my food and saw that they started the new program. I forgot about that and want to see what it's all about, so I'm off to WW and then I will workout when I get back. I need to get back on track. This upcoming break is all about health and fitness and I want to get started now. This week is a super easy week and I want to start on the health track now. And the first step is going to WW today and facing the music.

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